peanut butter jelly time

Wohooooo! Finally! What we've all been waiting for, PICTURES!
These are of course just some of the pictures I've taken but I am too tired to post all of them
and these pretty much say it all.
I'll be posting more pictures from now on ^^

And thank you so much for the candy Gunnel & Gosta!
I needed it.
Thanks for the Card reader too, dad.
I very much needed it ^^


1. Our house from the frontside
2. House from backside
3. Harley in my bed ^^
4. Apache
5. Roads I ride on
6. Cheerteam and mascot
7. Me during Spiritday
8. Detroit streets
9. Shopping part 1
10. Stratford, Canada
11. Fall is coming
12. Shopping part 2


Okay, so our internetconnection at home is not working.
Might be a while until you hear from me again ^^
Unless Natalie has fixed it by the time I get home!



taylor and nathans cousin from canada is here over the weekend with his girlfriend.
the girlfriend is lisa johanssons twin. i swear to god they are identical.
they have the same voice, the same style, the same haircolor.
feels comforting to have her here. i pretend she is lisa.

anyways, we went to this huuuuuuuge mall yesterday.
it was like a circle and about 1 mile long.
i hated it.
they did not let me go into any stores i wanted to.
i wanted to look at shoes and bags (i can actually look at things and not buy them)
they went into the most boring stores ive ever seen.
and not only did i have to go into boring stores,
taylor followed me like a dog all over the place.
even when i was walking into stores she'd never buy clothes in she followed me.
when i stopped in one store she wanted to go into so she could look around by herself
she was like "why are you stopping?"
seriously how hard can it be to look around alone?!
i was tired and angry.
went home and had only bought a stupid hat.


Found a picture from homecoming :D

Rosie & Taylor :D
This is the horse I'm working on ^^


It's freezing here and people still wear flipflops.
I mean it's winter now.
They say it's going to snow on monday and people wear flipflops.
I live among crazy people!!!11

they got methods of keeping you clean

Oh mi gosh, okay so yesterday during second hour we had a lockdown.
I'm like wtf are there terrorists in our school?!
(Lockdown is when we lock all doors and no one is allowed out in the hallway)
There were no terrorists.
(Thank god. But it would have been kinda cool though..)
Although there were a lot of cops and drug-dogs out in the hallway.
Apparently they do this sometimes.
They have to check all the students lockers for drugs.
Never had that problem in Sweden lol.
..but I guess they need to do some checking now and then here.

And now My List Of Things That Annoys Me To Death:
(I just have to tell someone or I will explode)
- My family chews on ice. ICE?!?!?!! WHY WOULD PEOPLE EAT ICE?!?!?!!?!!!!!!!!!! And they use ice all-the-time. Even in waterbottles. I'm so sick of ice I want to puke. I hope global warming kills all ice.
- They swallow loudly. What's wrong with swallowing small pieces quietly? LESS IS MORE!!!!!1
- They. Chew. With. Their. Mouth............. OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111 GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *STAB*
Seriously you guys, I cannot eat with them anymore. Everytime someone opens their mouth while eating, making a *smack*-sound I want to scream. Manners people. You shall not chew with thy mouth open. That should be one of The Ten Commandments.
That's all for now folks.

90s <3

Is it just me or is this music creepy as hell?
I don't think I'll be able to go to bed tonight.
Why were people listening to this?!

Ah this sure brings back memories!
I've found soooo many old 90s songs on youtube.
I love youtube.
I love the 90s.

Haha, who hasn't been dancing to this song?
I want to be in fifth grade again.
The music sure was awesome back then.

Do you remember these songs?
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony, Semisonic - Closing Time, Chumbawamba - Tubthumper, Mr President - Coco Jambo, Scatman John - Scatman, Snap! - Rhytm is a dancer, Culture Beat - Mr Vain, Corona - Rhytm of the Night, Haddaway - What is love, La Bouche - Be my lover, Hanson - Mmmbop, C&C Music Factory - Everybody dance now, Technotronic - Pump the Jam, Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby, Fools Garden - Lemon Tree, Unlimited - No Limit, Daze - Tamagotchi, DJ Dado - X-files, Eiffel65 - Blue, Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life, Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away, Loona - Bailando,
Lou Bega - Mambo Nr 5, Mr Oizo - Flat Beat, Phats and Smalls - Turn Around, Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe,
Robert Miles - Children, Rollergirl - Dear Jessie, Vengaboys - Boom boom boom

christians are naive

So, last night at Taylor's youth group they had this open discussion about what to do in different situations.
Taylor is sitting behind a kid in class, who's not a christian, and she's trying to convert him.
The other youths think she should keep talking to him because she is clearly making progress.
Someone said statistics say that it takes 12 people to walk up to him and talk to him before he will realize that christianity is the right way of life.
I'm like lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
If he is as non-christian as I am, having people come up to him and tell him Jesus rocks will not change his attitude toward life.
They also said at one point that you can't be happy if you don't believe in god and live by his rules.
..but then they also said that you should never live your life for someone else.
How does that work?

Saw this awesome video on youtube about some of the stupid things the bible says,
all people who do not believe in god must be killed,
rebellish teenagers must be killed,
homosexuals must be killed,
people who work on sundays must be killed.
..and they say christianity is a loving religion.

what american accent do you have?

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What American accent do you have?
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Lindsay called me this morning and asked me to go shopping with her :D
(she's a girl I met at Taylor's Youth Rally thing, she's a senior too :D)
She picked me up at 1 and we went to the bank to get money for me,
it worked! (no need to worry any more mom&dad)
Then we went to this second-hand place and it was awesome.
Everything was like 5 dollars.
Then we went to this huuuuuuge mall.
I could live there.
I wanna marry the mall and have small shoppingaddicted kids with it.
(seth cohen-inspired quote)
We went to Victorias Secrets PINK, American Eagle Outfitters, Hot Topic (which btw looks just like shock, only much better. there was actually not only goth-stuff in there), Wet Seal, H&M (woho) and.. a lot of other stores.
I bought this Haagen-Dazs-Mocha-Iced-Espresso and it was delicious.
At 6 we decided it was time to go home.
I think I might have overshopped a bit but what the heck.

I had an awesome day.
Lindsay said she's going to call some seniors in my school and do something next weekend :D
I'm so happy I could cry.
I knew my whole loneliness-thing would turn around some day but I am more than pleased that it did so soon.

Okay here's what I got;
- Coffee-to-go-cup from PINK
- Perfume from PINK
- Free toy-dog from PINK
- 00g eargager from Hot Topic
- 7/16g eargager from Hot Topic
- Breathe Carolina t-shirt from Hot Topic
- Fall Out Boy t-shirt from Hot Topic
- Necklace from Wet Seal
- Edward Scissorhands t-shirt from Wet Seal
- Shirt with built-in chain-necklace from Wet Seal
- Jeans from American Eagle Outfitters
- Blue scarf from American Eagle Outfitters
- Hello Cupcake t-shirt from Plato's
- Striped top from Plato's
- Sleeveless striped sweater from Plato's
- Striped sweater from Plato's
- Brown sweater with leopardpattern from Plato's
- One braided headband from I don't remember where


Nothing new has happened.
Nothing worth writing down or even remembering at least ^^
Life goes on as usual, still no one to hang out with after school.
Saw the german people as they were getting into one of the seniors car after school.
You wanna know how jealous I was?
Dude I can't even describe it in words.

If it doesn't get any better by the end of January I'm going home.
What's the point of being here a whole year if I'm gonna be miserable the whole time?
After all, I think 3 months is a reasonable time to make some friends.
My biggest concern is that we actually did spend quite a lot of money on this thing and I don't wanna waste it,
but one semester was almost as expensive as a whole year so if I stay for this semester then I wont waste any money!
I'm so smart.

One month left until I'm an official adult.
Sucks that I can't celebrate it with friends and family though.
Let's pretend I don't really turn 18 until I get back to Sweden.

swedish christmasfood

Okay, so I'm sitting here in my Family Living class and I just realized that I will have to survive without Lussebullar and Glogg and Kottbullar this christmas.
So I looked up the recipes and I'm totally gonna make my own food this christmas.
It's gonna be frikkiiiinnnnn awesome.
At least in my imagination.
The truth is that my food will suck.
But I hope it will smell good at least!

american opinions

Okay so we were in the car today on our way to church (BORING) for taylor's youth group (BORING).
Taylor brought this book called Dateable and read out loud from it,
it was hilarious.

According to the book:
- You should not give your girlfriend a massage because all massages are sexual. (okay?)
Because apparently all guys are trying to get inside your shirt and try to achieve just that by giving massages.
- You should not have a tickle-fight with your boyfriend because that is considered foreplay. (okay?!)
Apparently everyone knows that a tickle-fight ends up with kissing and after that sex.
- You should not watch a movie in a couch with your boyfriend.
Apparently, if you fall asleep, you will wake up with him all over you. Because I mean all guys are like that, right?

Seriously. This is the 21 century. Boys do know how to control themselves.

canadian thanksgiving

Okay, so we went to Canada today!
It was my best and worst trip to Canada so far :D

Got up there at 1 and drove through Stratford for a little sightseeing.
Stratford is seriously The Nicest Town i've ever seen.
There was people walking around, maple trees everywhere, black squirrels, red/orange/yellow trees.
It was awesome.
Met Grant's whole family!
I really liked pretty much everyone, except for two of the girls who were my age and both had babies.
How come most young moms become either "lillgamla" or superarrogant?
I don't get it.
One of the girls baby may have gotten a concusion, she blamed her mom for it.
Stupid girl.
Anyways, the rest of the family was really nice!
The food did not taste as I expected it too,
I thought it was gonna be like the best thing I've ever eaten.
It was like a normal meal.. Just lots of it.
Got 20 Canadian dollars from Grant's mom :)
She was old. She brought oxygen.

On our way home we had to cross the border, handed forward my passport and the guy asked for some other papers.
I'm like ehhhh I don't have other papers?
So we had to go to the Security thing,
went up to this lady who was supposed to help us.
She had some kind of easterneuropean accent and I could not understand her at all.
Then she's like Don't you remember getting these papers? Seriously, it was not even a long time ago?
She basically called me stupid. I wanted to slap her in the face and tell her how much her english sucked.
Grant tried to help me understand everything she said and she told him to shut up.
After a while we got this really nice guy to help us instead,
he gave us some new papers and once again I'm allowed to stay for 30 days and then I'm out.

Later in the car we tried to figure out which country she was from,
Grant decided that she was from Bitchtopia.

new design (again)

Sorry Pettz, but I was bored and managed to figure out how to do some stuff. :(
Too bad the quality of my banner sucks.
But I'm actually really proud of myself! I think it looks good,
don't you?

So, I'm going to Canada tomorrow!
Will tell you aaaaaall about it tomorrow.
Though you wont read it until Sunday,
but still.


hoppas ni gillar det! och mest av allt, hoppas du gillar det Amanda :D
Petra var här och spökade lite. dock med Amandas tillåtelse!

ha det gött!

this situation isn't getting any better

Nothing new has happened here really..
Same old story.
Have some people in most of my classes that I talk to and that's always nice!
Biggest thing that's happening is probably that we're going to Canada this Saturday,
going to see Grant's family and celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving!

Found out my grades in 3 of my classes too!
World Lit - B
American History - B
Family Living - A

I rock at this high school thing!
It's amazing how much better you do in school when you're not distracted by friends.
(trying to see everything from the positive side!)

Started working some with Rosie yesterday,
that horse seriously needs some discipline.
Her trot is sooo jerky!
And she can't stand still.
Though you can't teach an old dog how to sit and she is after all 20 yrs old.
But still.

mamma mia

Oh boy do I feel like watching this movie again or what.
It's things like this that makes you proud of Sweden!
(I've actually already bragged some about stellan skarsgard.. but that's okay cause he's awesome)


Okay, so I got the wires for my camera today,
unfortunately it was the wrong ones..
So, no pictures.

Looked forward to showing everyone where I live and stuff..
Might just go to a photoplace and get them that way.

god is with you, always. (EH BULLSHITTTTT)

Omg, okay so I just got home from Taylor's youth group thing.
First they played some dodgeball which looked like fun.
Then we listened to music..
It was like ordinary bands but they sang about God and Jesus which kinda ruined it.
Then we watched this movie about prayers and how god doesn't always answer them.
(yeah, blame all the deaths of kids in africa on the fact that god is lazy and doesn't wanna answer)
Then this leader in the group, who's also a mom of one of the girls told us about her kid that died,
he was the twin of the kid she has now and boohoo that's so sad and yadayada.
Then her kid start bawling and I'm like eh you didn't even know the kid that died?
Then all the other kids burst into tears and I was pretending that it was raining. (haha way to translate a swedish saying)
Let me just say that it was awkward.
I went downstairs and ate cookies instead.
Then the other kids came downstairs and someone said "I cant believe how some people kills their babies when some people wants theirs this much!" I'm like ehhhh f u.
Ah, you have nooooooo idea how frustrating it is to not be able to say whatever you want here.
Anyways.. I'm going to bed. Over and Out.

saturday night

It's saturday night and I'm sitting at home working on my brain mobile for psychology.
Life does not get any worse than this.
I've become the geek of the geeks.

It's ugly as fuck too.

passion for fashion

Okay, so I've got all these money and never spend them.
I feel bad for the money..
They want to be spent!
Which is why I declare next week Shopping Week!
I seriously need winterclothes already because I'm dying over here.
I want new shoes too (warm ones! or maybe some converse..)
I need a jacket!
And I need a new bag. I've used all the ones I have.

Wow, now that I looked at the picture I realized I've only put together summer outfits.
Well that sucks.
Oh well. I'll just buy the clothes and a warm jacket and I'll be fine.
Or at least die gorgeous.

oh sweet 90s

This is for all you out there who was born and raised in the lovely 90s.

Went on youtube yesterday and found all these old children tv-shows.
This is what I found:
Lilla Sportspegeln, Hjarnkontoret, Skymningssagor, Sunes Sommar, Sunes Jul, Salve, Mysteriet pa Greveholm,
Pelle Svanslos Julkalender, Smastjarnorna, Gamla Bolibompa Introt, Alfons Aberg, Fem Myror Ar Fler An Fyra Elefanter,
Kalles Klattertrad, Joelbitar, Raddningspatrullen, Trasdockorna, Ducktales, Langbens Galna Gang, Luftens Hjaltar,
Mosquito, Vintergatan 5A, Kannan, Doktor Kosmos, Radda Joppe - Dod eller Levande.

Feeling nostalgic yet?

not without my daughter

Saw this movie in school today and it was awesome!
I really recommend it ^^

note to self: i miss you terribly

Woho! For once, I did not only get comments from family and relatives!

I miss my friends so bad!
And FYI, I have not forgotten about anyone back home!
You'd better not forget about me either.
Seriously! I'll stab you in the eye with a fork if you do.
Some time when I get 100% settled here I will take some time to actually call some of you.
Of course I'll only call the really important ones though. :)
(What? It's expensive damnit.)

There are sooooooooooo many people here that look like people at home.
There's one Caroline Nord here, thousands of Jessica Rabe,
two Amanda Flodin, a few Sandra Andersson and maaaaaaaaany other.
I've actually been about to say hej to some of them but stopped myself in the last second.

Pardon my grammar for I am weary and tired.

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